Thank you for your interest in The Great Northwoods Trading Company. As you may see in the accompanying photo ,the lodge look signs represented here are a small portion of what we offer in our log cabin style. Other items we produce for sale include reproductions of vintage lure boxes, aged creels, coat racks, carved fish and mache boxes painted to resemble old tins, and decorated with reproductions of vintage advertisements or holiday postcards.

We collect the originals of antique signs, fishing magazines, old books and antique postcards. These all serve as inspiration for the designs. To maintain the period flair in our reproductions, we often employ multiple techniques, which include hand cut and printed silk screens, brush and sponge work, airbrush, multiple glazes and aging techniques. A minimum of 12 steps and as many as 20 may go into the finished product.

All of the work is done in our workshop in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin.